Monday, 15 August 2016

Contact - Week 2

In contact class in week 2, we need to think of a device at home and regularly use. We also need to think about our interaction with it and design variations to the way that I interact with the device.

What I've been thinking about the device is the SmartWindow. The main reason why  I think about the window is because the window is the first thing I saw when I woke up every morning from my bed, so I want to do something with it so that I can interact with it instead just open and close it everyday.

The feature of SmartWindow is the it have touch screen function so that we can interact with it just like with interact with our smartphone. We can do anything with the SmartWindow such as we can set alarm, set reminders, display some beautiful background image, temperature and others. The SmartWindow can change background image, for example if we can change to flower field background image and it will make us feel like we are in spring season even though we are actually in fall season. At the same time also the window can become transparent just like other window where we can see outside of our house and it can do anything just like our laptop and smartphone can do.

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