Saturday, 20 August 2016

Video Prototype - Practical

The video prototype has been uploaded to Youtube and here is the link:

The Spelling Snake game is the mashup of two classics game which is the Hangman and Snake. Some part of the concepts from the original game will be included in this game.

How to play?
There will be a combination of hangman game concept which is the player needs to find a correct letter to solves the unidentified words based on the given clue. Besides that, the snake game concept also was implemented in this game which is the player will control the snake to find the correct letter. If the player finds the correct letter, the player will gain 10 scores while for the wrong letter, 5 scores will be deducted and the head game will start to draw the hangman. If the drawing is complete, the game will be over for the player. If the player successfully completing a word, the player will proceed to the next level and it becomes harder as the level increase. The time also will be recorded so that the player can also compete to see who gets the highest score and the fastest time to solve the mystery words for each levels. The snake also will have the special move which is the time freeze and invisible snake to help the user to complete the game easily.


The player will play by using a touch pad controller. 
Push left to go left.
Push right to go right.
Push up to go up.
Push down to go down.
Push Special for special move.

There will be two types of special move which is Time Freeze and Invisible Snake.
To get the special move the snake need to finds a special food and then the player will be able to click a special move button.

Time Freeze: Stop the time
Invisible Snake: The snake can go through the wall and its own body.

The effects of special move only temporary which is only 15 seconds.

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